Simple Microscope, Spring object holder Reproduction, Early 19th century

During the late 18th and early 19th century the interest in simple image magnification included both the serious student who might carry a small pocket magnifier or field microscope and the casual novice who might purchase an inexpensive magnifier such as the Fruitwood Continental simple microscope. Some of these devices were manufactured by "toy makers" among whom were the wooden toy craftsmen of Nuremburg, Germany. This is a contrast to the optical or mathematical instrument makers who were providers to the scientific community.

STAND: The microscope is formed by three turned wooden components: the simple round base, pillar, and an objective lens holder. STAGE: A pointed brass needle serves as the specimen mount. The coil of brass wire from which the point extends can be moved by delicate finger pressure to adjust the lens focus. OCULAR: The simple biconvex lens is mounted in the depression of a turned wooden ocular and secured in place with a brass ring. ADJUSTMENTS: In use the microscope is held between the thumb and forefingers. Fine focus is achieved by depressing the spring needle specimen mount while holding the instrument before the eye. TOTAL HEIGHT: Overall microscope height is 3 1/8 inches. Price: $180.00


Price: $180.00

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